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Posted by Brian on March 8, 2017 at 1:15 AM

Tomorrow, March 8, I begin my third field season. The goals over the next 2-3 months are to a) complete sampling for a phylogeographic study of Allen's Hummingbird, b) complete sampling of the first transect across the hybrid zone, and c) begin sampling of the second transect. I'll be starting in Southern California, working my way north along the coast until I arrive in Southern Oregon. 

Over the next few months, I'll try to include some information you might not have known about hummingbirds before, noteworthy experiences (such as the Breaking Bad-like motorhome and it's many visitors at a specific field site last year), pictures and descriptions of the places I go, and updates about research progress. 

Here's a quick fact: In general, hummingbird courtship displays are also used to neutralize potential threats. For example, territorial males will often perform dives to intruders not to woo them, but to express dominance. Other expressions of aggression in hummingbirds include louder, more intense chattering, body posturing, chasing, and physical attacks.

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